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The world of plumbing has changed drastically since the process began. In the beginning, it was merely a matter of escorting waste from one place to another and needing professionals to be able to service these areas. Over time there have become more and more tasks that plumbers are required to do and are now capable of. We have a wide variety of services here at Dave 21.

Our Plumbing ServicesPlumbing

Installation – One of the most common services that we receive are for installations. We offer several installations ranging from bathtubs to toilets. No job is too big, and no job is too difficult for us at Dave 21.

Rooting – Rooting is the process of unclogging anything that might be upholding your pipes. We are professional rooters and have several tools that make the process easy and sanitary. If you are looking for the best rooting service in South Florida, you’ve found it here.

Repair – If you have piping broken it can cause a leak, if you have a chip in your sink or toilet, it can harbor bacteria, if you have water damage it can cause mold. We are capable of repairing any plumbing issue that might cause further harm and more!

Maintenance – Using CCTV technology and old-school methods, we can detect most problems before they happen. With this power, we can make sure that every pipe in your home can be repaired and fixed on a dime.

Water Heaters – We offer a complex suite of services revolving around water heaters. We offer water heater installation and repair in case anything bad could or can happen. We will have it covered and repaired before a problem even arises.

Projekt Restoration

We not only provide the best plumbing services and preventative measures, but we are also partnered with a company that can happen if we are not called. If you are having water or property damage or need mold inspection, make sure to call us at Projekt Restoration where we can fix all of your in home and restoration needs. Contact us today!