Sewer Line Repair

Having clogged sewer lines is an awful thing to happen. Clogged sewer lines not only mean that there are problems involving the piping, but it also means that there is potential biohazard problems, as well as mold remediation, and potential flooding. If you have clogged sewer lines, call us immediately to remedy the situation.

Our Clogged Sewer Lines ServicesClogged Sewer Lines

CCTV Monitoring – If you are afraid of the possibility of having clogged sewer lines and would like to hire us preventatively. Then our CCTV monitoring services are for you. We thread a fiber optic cable into the plumbing to identify build ups before they happen. Similar to the floating balloon in arteries, we can see areas that are possible for blocking and offer preventative advice and treatment to curb the possibility of a blockage.

Rooting – The follow-up process from CCTV monitoring and the possible precursor to repiping. Rooting involves using one of our rooting devices to expunge and break up waste and material inside of piping lines. This makes the process of clearing the pipes much easier as well as removing any ‘odors’ that might be pervading the area.

Repiping – In the event of a backup being so severe that the pipes are damaged, we offer extensive repiping services. The process would require an uprooting service, and we would possibly have to do some excavating. But once the job is done, it wouldn’t take less than a few hours to change out the damaged parts completely.

Projekt Restoration

If you think that there might have been extensive damage already done and that you will need restoration services you’re in luck! Dave 21 has a partner company called Projekt Restoration which can fix any problem involving mold remediation, water damage, and home restoration. If you would like to know more, contact us today!

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